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Calaca Seaport

The Strategic Logistical Partner of the South
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    World-Class ISO-Certified Port Facility

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    Strategic Location along Balayan Bay, Batangas

Unparalleled Competitive Advantages for Our Investors

Calaca Seaport is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Udenna Land, Inc., incorporated to  operate and manage a 116-hectare industrial estate in Calaca, Batangas. The original 84-hectare estate , formerly known as Bacnotan Industrial Park Corporation, was originally part of the Phinma Group. The company was purchased by Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. (“PNX”) in 2009, and renamed as Phoenix Petroterminals and Industrial Park Corporation (“PPIPC”) Calaca Seaport is home to a community of various expanding businesses related to petroleum, steel, power, warehousing, industrial chemicals, and others. Many of these manufacturing companies expand or relocate to the park mainly due to its unique port facility feature.

CISC differentiates itself as the only port-integrated industrial park in the CALABARZON area. CISC operates a state-of-the-art International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)-compliant, multi-purpose port facility capable of accommodating up to 60,000 deadweight tonnage (DWT) vessels with a draft of 13-14 meters. Its unique port facility was built to accommodate different types of materials through specialized conveyor systems and pipelines. The facility has the flexibility to accommodate domestic and international cargoes like petroleum products, salt, steel billets, industrial chemicals and molasses.

Strategic Location

Located along with deep-water portions of Balayan Bay, Calaca Seaport serves as an alternative to the busiest ports in the Philippines, Manila, and Batangas ports..

Robust Regional Growth

Region IV-A (CALABARZON) has continued to be the major industrial hub of the country as it accounted for 31% of the country’s total industrial production

State-Of-The-Art Port Facility

ISPS Compliant, multi-purpose Port Facility capable of accommodating up to 60,000 DWT vessels with draft of 13-14 meters. CISC passed its ISO 9001: 2015 requirement on its Industrial Estate Development and Port Operations management systems

Strategic Location along
Balayan Bay, Batangas

Calaca Seaport is located along the deep-water portions of Balayan Bay; strategically located in Luzon and is ideal to host locators especially those that are reliant on water transport. Calaca Seaport serves as an alternative to the busiest ports in the Philippines, Manila, and Batangas ports.

With the vehicular travel time from Calaca to Metro Manila to be enhanced by the planned Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway which connects to CALAX and the South Expressway onwards to Metro Manila, the CISC is not only strategically located as a seaport but as an industrial park as well, easily accessible to the Luzon’s city capital through existing and ongoing road infrastructure projects.

World-Class ISO Certified Port Facility

Calaca Seaport is an industrial community that features world-class facilities that support port operations and allows the efficient flow of goods and materials. Calaca Seaport has built specialized conveyor systems and pipelines from vessels to depots, warehouses, and manufacturing plants to distribution to cater to the needs of its locators.

With a fully operational world-class ISO certifies port facility, it provides the most efficient location for production facilities that would want to reduce logistical costs and efficiently distribute products. The Calaca Seaport’s facilities allow efficient flow of goods and materials from bulk cargo delivery to manufacturing to distribution.

  • CISC constantly prioritizes port expansion initiatives that improve the capability to accept more shipments, to allow faster discharging and to lessen waiting time.
  • ISO Certified: ISO 9001:2015 requirements on its industrial Estate Development and Port Operations management systems
  • ISPS Compliant, multi-purpose Port Facility capable of accommodating up to 60,000 DWT vessels with draft of 13-14 meters

Our Masterplan

Calaca Seaport has invested world-class infrastructure around the city to support the heavy industrial operations of its tenants. This includes wide main road arteries over 20-meters wide with 2 meter adjacent walkways; 3 interconnected deep-well sourced water tanks with 200 cubic meter cap each; and reliable electrical piping and conduit banks for telecommunication.
With the spur in economic activity in CALABARZON, the Company anticipates strong demand for warehouse spaces. As part of the main industrial hub in the country, Calaca Seaport is positioned to cater to the influx of warehousing demands. With a state-of-the-art port facility at their disposal, Calaca Seaport has a unique offering to manufacturers looking for efficient locations for production and storage.

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